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debit card sleeves

When we shop and travel, it is certainly more practical if we bring a debit or credit card. Especially if you are a person who does not want to carry cash.

So the best decision is to buy debit card sleeves. This card wallet will be more minimalist and allow you to carry your debit card anywhere.

Moreover, these card wallets tend to have RFID protection on your debit card. So you can put your debit card safely in this wallet.

Types of Debit Card Sleeves

This model of card sleeves refers to two things, namely the traditional model and the sleeve. Traditional card sleeves are usually very thin and you can fit only one card. Usually, these card sleeves are made of plastic, faux leather, and carbon fiber.

In addition, there are also sleeve model sleeves. These card wallets have more space and are usually made of leather, synthetic, plastic, and metal.

Here are some models of card sleeves that you usually find:

  • Micro Wallet

This wallet is perfect if you are looking for RFID protection on your debit card. These wallets are usually made of Tyvek material which is durable, water-resistant, eco-friendly, and tear-resistant.

This wallet can hold 8 cards as well as cash sheets.

  • Blocking Sleeves

This card wallet provides RFID protection by simply sliding the shield onto your wallet.

  • Slim Wallet

Debit card sleeves have more space than micro wallets. Here you can store 12 to 16 cards and some cash.

This wallet is also made of environmentally friendly and water-resistant materials. This wallet is perfect for those of you who carry a lot of cards for transactions.

Those are some types of card sleeves that you can find. You can choose the type of card sleeves depending on how many cards you want to carry and the cash you want to put in.

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