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Bitcoin or Forex Trading, Which Is Safer?

Now, trading in crypto currencies, especially bitcoin, is very popular among foreigners. Its fantastic value makes people tempted. In early January 2021 alone, the price of bitcoin broke a record, and contributed to the value of other cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, until now there is still foreign exchange trading (forex) or foreign currency or commonly called forex trading (foreign exchange). Before comparing the security level of the two types of assets in the physical market, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two first.

President Commissioner of HFX International Futures Sutopo Widodo explained that central banks in various countries still have control over their currencies, so they can intervene that affect forex trading. Of course, this doesn’t exist in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

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Meanwhile, the ups and downs of bitcoin value are purely due to supply & demand. “Now, in this cryptocurrency, there is no such thing as a centralized or centralized bank, the person who regulates BTC everywhere. Everything is purely based on supply and demand transactions in the market.

According to Wahyu, forex trading is safer than bitcoin or other crypto currencies. Again, the reason is because there is control from the central bank of each country.

Money is actually safer than gold or BTC. In its trading technique, gold can fly like crazy, or it can also drop like crazy, but it’s not as bad as BTC. But for rupiah or dollars, he drops or flies, there’s control over there. So there are times when he crashes. but he can rest easy.

For short-term risk trading, I would rather go into currency futures or forex, while I think BTC is more logical as an asset. So if the rupiah weakens, or the stock price falls, or gold goes down, BTC goes up. And it was proven, when 2020 yesterday gold touched a record high of US $ 2,000 / toz, it was corrected to US $ 1,800 / toz at the end of the year, then BTC flew, that’s natural.

If beginners still want to buy crypto currency, according to him there are types other than BTC that have a basis for valuation, so it is much safer than BTC.

There are several cryptos that are based on underlying, for example USDT. Now USDT is a coin whose base is based on the value of the US dollar. So it’s stable, it’s called stable coin. Some are based on the US dollar, yen, euro, now those are coins that tend to be stable, so their value is the same as currency. So, those are some coins which in my opinion are much safer because they are more stable. For example, Tether coins, there are USDT, GDPT, yen. etc. It’s form of crypto, so dollar is form of crypto.

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