bitcoin saving strategy

Not all Bitcoin enthusiasts have sufficient time to maximize their profits by trading. Indeed you can use the services of professional traders. However, it can be expensive. Well, the tricky solution is to tube Bitcoin regularly.

The term saving in this case is to use the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) investment strategy. This is the right bitcoin saving strategy also common in gold assets or leading stocks.

DCA in the context of Bitcoin is to buy these assets regularly with the same rupiah nominal, for example in a range every week or every month.

Or in a monthly period, buy Bitcoin worth IDR 1 million rupiah at the beginning of the month every time you get a salary from the office.

What are the benefits of saving bitcoin?

Indeed, the DCA strategy requires patience and discipline, and “really doesn’t care” for the very volatile price hikes of Bitcoin.

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So, when this month you bought Bitcoin it was much more expensive than the previous month, keep on making that scheduled purchase.

The DCA method is believed to be effective in maintaining your profit position from existing fluctuations, because the amount of capital you enter continues to be of the same value, along with the better Bitcoin fundamental growth.

Take a look at PayPal’s steps from a while back that opened up a trading service for Bitcoin and other well-known crypto assets.

saving Bitcoin routine is very simple. For example, you can simply buy Bitcoin every week or per month with the same amount of rupiah, for example USD 50 per week.

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