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Protect your Family, Consumer Insurance Association

Who are we? We are a consumer insurance association, a large and independent franchise of networking insurances office that operates across the states of the U.S.A. We are an association of independent networking off insurance, and here to provide homeowners, automobile owners, and people in the need of healthcare insurance across states.

Be careful of unknowingly accepting insurance fraud, and fake spam phone calls, claiming to be coming from us, from consumer insurance association. Find real us on our official website, and our official customer care phone number here. If you want to purchase our liability products and insurance, make sure to check in with our professional agents located all across the states. 

Find The Best Insurance For Your Home, Healthcare, And Automobile

Find the best insurance you can get, you can find our nearest insurance agents in your location. Here are the ranges of services we provide, as well as coverage for every service you can purchase. 

Home insurance

These are terrifying times for every homeowner in the U.S.A. Many disasters can happen anytime anywhere across the states from hurricanes, Flooding, riots, looting, shooting, and many more. Protect your property, and make sure your property is unmolested. We cover repairs, claims, with easier purchases, and affordable prices.

Business insurance

As a businessman, you need to place great importance on your business and assets security, and therefore purchasing business insurance is one way to covers and save your business. If you have growing business needs for protection and a safety net, we would gladly help you.

Healthcare insurance

During this pandemic time, healthcare is essential for everyone in the U.S.A. Even if you are in perfect conditions today, no one can predict the future, and your health in the future. Therefore, healthcare insurance is always needed and mandatory. Our coverage has hundreds of partnering hospitals for healthcare insurance, hundreds of doctors, and healthcare workers.

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