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Country Wide Insurance Company Profile

For people who don’t know, the country wide insurance company is an insurance company based in New York Automotive insurance company. Family owned with the chairman as well as President Michael D. Jaffe for this insurance company. It is a collection of independent agents, representatives, adjusters, underwriters, and consulter that work and live in the tri-state area, contiguous states of New York City.

Country-wide insurance, sometimes simply called CWI, is an insurance company established on December 23, 1963, in New York City. At the time of its establishment, it is written and licensed as casualty and property business insurance. During the twenty-year of its first period of working, this insurance company has grown from just a handful of 35 employees to more than 300 employees.

Company Profile

Country wide insurance is a family-owned, operated family business, with Michael D. Jaffe as the current chairman and president. This insurance company primarily provides and focused on private and also commercial auto insurance, dedicated to residents of New York City, the boroughs, and also Long Island, also known as the tri-state area. 

The majority of this company’s business is smaller limits policies, which covers small, minimum coverage, that is required by state law. How this company does its business, and what kind of coverage that CWI can provide for any citizens of New York City?

CWI Services And Coverage

From property and home insurance, healthcare insurance for every person, to automobile insurance, all of our insurance services have been tailor-made to suit every individual needs, perfect with affordable prices. 

  1. Auto Insurances – Automobile insurances cover the need and the safety net of vehicle insurances from the car, and motorcycles.
  2. Home and property insurances – Safe your home and property from any unpredictable damage and disasters.
  3. Business Casualty insurances – Protect your growing business assets, and tailor them to suits your needs. 
  4. Healthcare insurances – Cover your healthcare expenses, including disability insurances, hospital insurances, as well as retirement healthcare insurance from country wide insurance companies. 

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