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LifeCard or some people call it a credit card gun is a folding, small, single shot, with a .22 caliber pistol, designed to fit in your pocket and to be as discreet as looks like stacks of a credit card. It is small, not larger than a credit card, and thin enough to be carried in your pocket without bulging. 

Some people might ridicule you with the small size of this gun, however, this LifeCard is one of the best quality performance for discreet carry, and it is also one of the least intrusive EDC and firearms. With the thin size of .5 inches, weigh only just 7 ounces, LifeCard will be your discreet guns, and credit card guns you will never leave behind, bringing it anywhere anytime discreetly.

Lifecard.22LR Credit Cards Discreet Gun

Please keep in mind, that credit card gun such as LifeCard are considered illegal firearms in some states. Some lenient states legalized it, however, you still need to contact buyers and gun shops to freely purchase this gun.

· Discreet and sleek shape foldable with the size of a credit card fits in your pocket

· Anti-corrosion

· Full size, easy to use, and handling

· Completely Ambidextrous

Specifications For Lifecard.22LR Credit Card Discreet Gun


ACTION: Single Action

MATERIALS: Aluminum / Steel / Polymer

FINISH: Corrosion Resistant

SAFETY: Does not fire when closed




WEIGHT: 7 oz.

It is everything you ever hope for discreet, sleek, slender size, not bulging in your pocket, easy to carry, and of course safe to keep. It won’t fire when it is in a closed and foldable position, and therefore you won’t need to worry. If you want to purchase Lifecard.22LR credit card gun makes sure to contact the buyer, in a gun gallery or your local gun shop. If there is no stock of LifeCard, make sure to contact our official website.

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