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Del Toro Insurance, Protect your Assets

Save and be safe, make sure all your assets from home, automobile, general liability, renters, commercial auto, boats, rideshare, motorcycle, RV, and even health insurance from Del Toro insurance company. All insurance can be booked, and purchased right away for your safety of assets. We are an Insurance Company, with a focus on general aspects of insurance from health, assets, and vehicle.

Currently, we are hiring a team member for Del Toro general assets insurance. If you are an experienced insurance advisor, administrator, and insurance claims or customer service expert, join us in our team, and see whether you can be a valuable team member for our Del Toro insurance company. 

What Are The Types Of Insurance That Del Toro Covers?

We cover all ranges of insurance from general liability insurance, automobile, renters insurance, home, and property insurance, and also health insurance, with the coverage for the West Coast of the United States. 

General Liability 

General Liability insurance covers all of the general needs and insurance, like company insurance, working insurances, disability insurances, and many other liabilities and risks.


Our automobile insurances cover not just car and motorcycle, but also boats, and RV insurances. Our automobile insurances have large different services and coverage, from full-coverage services (All of repairs cost, coverage, and easier claims when accidents happen to your automobile), to partial coverage. 

Health Insurance

Everybody needs health insurance in the U.S.A., we cover that. Our health insurance covers medical checkups and accident insurance.

We have hundreds of partnering hospitals spread all across the country, so you can use your claims of health insurance from Del Toro Insurance company everywhere in the country. 

Home and Property Insurance

Anything can happen to your home and property, from disasters like flooding, and hurricane to looting and riot breaking.

Therefore, protect your property from any unforeseen disasters and save your assets and money, and of course your family’s safety.

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