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Get to Know the Mastercard Debit Card

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The MasterCard Debit Card has gained immense popularity worldwide since it was first created. Many users are satisfied with the fast service, perfect customer service, as well as the benefits and rewards provided by MasterCard.

MasterCard Worldwide is a multinational financial services company headquartered in New York, United States (at the headquarters of MasterCard International Global).

MasterCard Worldwide’s primary business is to coordinate and process payments between the bank and the card issuing bank. This public company that has been established since 2006 is also a global provider of debit and credit cards.

Mastercard does issue debit cards and credit cards. However, on this occasion, we will discuss about the Mastercard Debit Card. This type of debit card has many features and advantages. To find out more details, let’s find out about the Mastercard Debit Card:

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Characteristics of Mastercard Card Kartu

MasterCard cards are issued by member banks bearing the MasterCard logo. Open-loop cards accepted anywhere often have a MasterCard logo to help identify their eligibility for use.

Mastercard cards have a cardholder number starting with an issuer identification number (IIN) that distinguishes network processors for electronic payments. The IIN can help identify the brand of the card if the logo is not visible.

Mastercard for Everyone

Mastercard partners with financial institutions around the world. Cards bearing the Mastercard logo are issued to consumers, students and small businesses. When MasterCard partners with a financial institution, that institution functions as the issuer. The agency determines the terms and benefits that the cardholder can receive on his card.

Financial institutions that issue Mastercards are usually banks. In addition to debit cards, banks can also choose to partner for the issuance of credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid cards.

Mastercard Accepted Worldwide

MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted worldwide, including in Indonesia. You can enjoy easy access to cash worldwide. This gives you the advantage of having secure access to your funds anytime and anywhere.

MasterCard Debit Card provides active support services for 24 hours for its customers. Of course this can be used in various circumstances, including during emergency situations such as card loss or theft, especially when you are traveling abroad.

Easy and Convenient Transaction

MasterCard Debit card holders can enjoy banking services for 24 hours non-stop without interruption. With the MasterCard Debit Card you can get twin cash withdrawal facilities from ATMs and also make purchases from merchant outlets, or online.

The MasterCard Debit Card allows you to keep a detailed monthly record of all the purchases you have made during a given month, which have been charged to your card.

The MasterCard card gives you the convenience of enjoying your dream vacation or paying for everyday necessities like groceries. These fees can be charged to your debit card. This payment method gives you the freedom to pay by cash or check.

Do you know what a Mastercard Debit Card is? So, that’s more or less the Mastercard card.