getting know visa debit card

Getting Know VISA Debit Card

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Talking about ATM cards, of course we are already familiar with VISA debit card. Visa is a leading processing network and its cards are accepted by businesses almost all over the world, and the country is no exception. In Indonesia, many banks offer both debit and credit visa cards.

A Visa debit card gives you access to bank accounts including checking and savings accounts. Like a credit card, you can use a Visa debit card to make purchases or transactions at the bank on a regular basis, either at a bank branch or through an ATM. To make a transaction, you must use the PIN that you created earlier.

Visa has many benefits especially for financial transactions. Want to get to know the VISA debit card? here’s the information for you:

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Characteristics of Visa Debit Card

There is a Visa logo on all Visa cards, including Visa debit cards. A Visa debit card consists of a unique 16-digit number printed on the card and a microchip to store user information.

Types of Visa Debit Card

Visa offers a wide variety of debit cards. Each Visa debit card has been designed to meet a set of individual needs and requirements. This card gives you exclusive privileges for a number of lifestyle activities such as shopping, travel, dining, cash withdrawals and so on.

There are several types of visa debit cards such as Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, and Visa Infinite. You can get the visa debit card through a bank or financial institution that has partnered with Visa.

Unlimited Transactions

Like a regular credit card, you can make an unlimited number of transactions. You can make various transactions in one day whether it’s fund transfers, cash withdrawals, cash deposits, and so on.

Most banks do not charge transfer fees to other banks. However, interbank transfer fees are charged and the amount of these fees varies from bank to bank. Therefore, the VISA debit card is the right choice for non-cash transactions.

Good Money Management

Visa Debit Card is useful for your money management. This is because all purchases are from one place/bank account. Of course this makes your expenses easy to track and debit directly. That way, you can always see your balance and transaction history through m banking.

In addition, spending limits can be applied to control spending and help you stay focused on your budget. While this is a good point, you need to use your Visa debit card exclusively to fully realize the benefits of this money management.

5.Visa Accepted Worldwide

You can use your Visa debit card to make purchases or transactions when traveling abroad. As a leading payment network, Visa is accepted by businesses in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Choosing a Visa debit card might be the right choice for you. Its extensive network makes it easier for your transactions wherever and whenever you want.