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Stocks App Icon

The app icon is the most important identity of your product. The stocks app icon becomes the first thing that people see of your product thus it represents the business in general. That small image is the one that people interact with when using your application every day. Designing for a good application icon is not simple. It goes beyond logo making because it has to fit the platform trends, have high accessibility, and of course, appeal to users’ attention. 

Elements of stocks app icon

On your journey in designing an eye-catching application icon, there are a few elements to consider. The icon should have good scalability so it would perfectly fit multiple platforms. Make as simple a design as possible so it does not cram when using it on other canvas. The application icon should be recognizable even though it has an abstract concept. The concept should be clear but not complicated. Recognizability makes people easier to find your app icon. A good app icon should be consistent to make it memorable and recognizable to users. 

The process of designing a stock app icon

Designing for app icons starts with research. You need to get to know what kind of concept you want to make for the app icon. Do some research on the brand vision, images related to the brand, and others to get inspiration. When you have enough resources, start making sketches and consider all the elements of a good app icon. Make a minimal yet meaningful icon with proper color and text combination. When everything is ready, you can render the sketch to make it an app icon. 

The step-by-step process of designing application icons may be different for one another. However, it is important to consider the purpose of the stocks app icon and the message of the brand. Both will result in a memorable and outstanding application icon.

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