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How to Get Yu-Gi-Oh Credit Card Cover

For fans of the anime series, of course, you are already familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh. One of the most nostalgic characters in the anime series.

Yu-Gi-Oh successfully defends Duel Monsters and various trading card games. No wonder the Yu-Gi-Oh character has recently become viral again.

Yu-gi-oh credit card cover has been something viral recently. Because many fans put Yu-Gi-Oh’s face in their wallets.

The beginning of the popularity of Yu-Gi-Oh’s chaotic cover started from Twitter. This is where fans post their credit card photos.

Some of them even customize the cards to resemble the cards used in Duel Monsters.

Of course, this made a lot of fans excited. This fan finally gave tips to get a card similar to Duel Monsters.

How to Make Yugioh Credit Card Cover

This fan gave tips on how to get this card. Here’s how to make a Yu-Gi-Oh cover on your credit card:

  • Buy Template Cover

Before making a Yu-Gi-Oh cover, you can buy a credit card cover that is ordered online. You can choose between 1000’s ready-made covers.

You can also make this cover with the template you have provided.

  • Use Adobe Photoshop

This fan said that the credit card cover he had was made in photoshop. The template that you have chosen can be edited in Photoshop and correct the color and size according to your credit card.

You can get Yugioh credit card cover by changing the color and adding the stickers you bought online. After the editing process is complete, you can print the cover and paste it on your credit card.

This is one of the genius ways to get a different credit card than usual. You can even make other fans jealous with the credit card you make.

You can also make other credit card covers using other anime characters in the same way.

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