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Paying Debt Proven to Make Your Mind and Mental Healthier

Many people complain that they cannot fulfill their daily needs and there are also those who complain that they cannot fulfill their luxurious lifestyle so they decide to owe it to anyone. Although it may not seem dangerous, being in paying debt has surprisingly negative effects on brain health.

Researchers analyzed data from nearly 200 participants who have low incomes and a lot of debt to test the level of anxiety and distraction in solving problems and making financial decisions.

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Research author Dr. Ong Qiyan, National University of Singapore revealed that the error rate in cognitive test tests decreased to 4% compared to when they were still heavily indebted, which reached 17%. Their anxiety also decreased from 78% to 53% after the debt was paid off.

Indirectly, the research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States emphasizes the importance of paying off debt if you want to live with a stable mind and a sane mentality.

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