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4 Profitable Investment for Student

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Want to study while making money? can you do it! One of them by investing your money. There are many profitable investment for students that can be tried to generate money coffers.

Busy class schedules may make it difficult for students to study while working. By investing, you can still earn money without having to leave campus. Supported by technological developments, investments can be made online even from mobile phones.

What type of profitable investment for student ? here is the information for you:

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Types of Investment for Student

1. Invest Gold

Both physical gold and digital gold are profitable. Investing your money to buy gold is the right choice. You can buy gold, then sell it when the gold price is going up so you will make a profit.

Gold provides competitive returns compared to other major financial assets. In addition, gold is also a relatively stable investment. Most investors often use gold as a tool to hedge against inflation and diversify risk.

2. Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual funds have become a popular profitable investment for student. Its simplicity of understanding and features provide great benefits for investors with limited knowledge, money and time. In addition, mutual fund investments can also be made online.

Of course this makes it easier for students who want to invest safely and easily. Through online mutual funds, you can invest anywhere and anytime just by using a smartphone and internet connection. Mutual funds are very suitable for beginners and do not have to use large capital.

3. Stock Investment

The important point is that investing in the stock market can make your money grow much bigger over time. And that is the reason why people invest in stocks. If done right, you can increase the money you invest from 7% – 10% per year in the long term.

Stocks are a type of high-risk investment instrument. Therefore, you have to be careful if you want to play stocks. Before investing in stocks, it’s a good idea to learn about stocks first. Learn also how to determine the right investment strategy.

4. Terms Deposit

Time deposits are bank deposits with fixed terms and interest rates. Funds in this account cannot be withdrawn for a certain period of time, unless a penalty is paid.

With a time deposit, you lock in a certain amount of money within an agreed timeframe. In exchange, you’ll get a guaranteed interest rate for the time period you choose, so you’ll know exactly what your return will be.

Some of the types of investments for students above are for informational purposes only. Please note that all investments have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should learn in advance about the investment you choose.