Saving Tips for Hajj

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It was a few months ago that the world was being shaken with a virus that was tiny but deadly. The world was in ruins. Save? I don’t know, maybe a lot of savings tips for hajj have leaked because of the impact of Covid. This year, the haj pilgrimage was also eliminated for foreign countries, especially Indonesia, which is predominantly Muslim. However, there is nothing wrong with even though the economy is chaotic, we are still trying to save money, especially for those who intend to go on Hajj. Of course, for that we need saving tips for the pilgrimage even though the world is in chaos.

Saving is something that is commonly done for every human being. If this saving tips for hajj is included in medium-term savings. Going for Hajj is the dream of every Muslim even though now the government has limited the quota for pilgrims and this year it has been abolished.
There are many ways to go on pilgrimage, the most important and must have of course is the intention. Intention is the main asset that must be owned not only for carrying out the pilgrimage but also for worship or other activities. Here are some tips for saving money to go on Hajj:

1. Determine the Period

It is important to make a timeline or target when to leave for Haj to make it easier to manage finances.

2. Opening Savings

In opening Hajj savings there are several options. You can personally open your own account or use a service provider or hajj organizer company. Of course, if you choose to open a savings account and keep it personally, you will have a higher risk. Because it could be that at any time you cannot resist using it when faced with an urgent situation. A little additional advice, try to save for this hajj savings in an Islamic bank.

It’s different if you choose to use the services of a Hajj service provider, of course, your money will be safer and more controlled. Even when in a very tight situation. Because usually service providers have a procedure if the Hajj savings will be disbursed.

3. Determine a Consistent Budget for Saving

It is necessary to determine the nominal and it is expected that it is consistent with the nominal. You need to pay attention to the amount so you don’t miss the specified target.

4. Don’t Forget Alms

Because the desire to do Hajj is carried out by Moeslem, it is closely related to other worship. Hajj can only be performed by those who have received a call from Allah. Therefore, alms can be a way to facilitate the summoning to the holy land. Do not let the money you get used for saving make you forget about other rights as Muslims and fellow humans. So, don’t forget to give alms.

The tips for saving for the pilgrimage above are just a few of the many tips. Hopefully it can help millennials who are trying to save even though the current condition is being hit by a pandemic who don’t know when it will end. The saving tips above can be used at any time. Therefore we need a proper planning in reaching or living life in the future. Warm greetings, greetings of enthusiasm.

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