saving tips for housewives

How about saving tips for housewives? That’s a question that is often asked by most women who take care of the family. Because daily needs are increasing, a housewife must be smart in managing finances.

Especially if you only depend on your husband’s income, of course you have to be able to use the money your husband gave you as well as possible. Besides that, maybe you also want to save just in case your family has an urgent need and needs emergency funds.

Want to know saving tips for the household? Let’s take a look at the following information.

Saving Tips for Housewives

1. Saving from Remaining Shopping Money

Saving tips for housewives that you can do is save from the rest of your shopping money. For example, you get spending money of Rp. 500,000 per month and you still leave Rp. 50,000 at the end of the month. Use the rest of your shopping money to save.

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2. Saving with Small Money Regularly

Saving with small money on a regular basis is an effective way to save money. You can set aside either IDR 2000, IDR 5,000, IDR 10,000 or as much as you can. Although the nominal is small, the amount can increase if you save it in the long term.

3. Collecting Changes

Usually you will get a dime from shopping change. You can save by collecting the change in a special piggy bank. Do it continuously until your piggy bank is full. When you need an emergency fund, you can unpack your piggy bank and get the money.

4. Take advantage of Shopping Discounts

To save money and save money, you can take advantage of discounts. Usually supermarkets provide discounts and offers to buy one get one free. You can take these discounts to lower your shopping bill.

Taking advantage of shopping discounts does not mean buying all the items that are currently on discount. However, you should be able to choose what items you need and how much reduced prices are given.

5. Following Lottery Club

Having trouble saving yourself? maybe social gathering is the right alternative for you. Lottery club is a way to collect money or goods of the same value and is carried out by several people. Then they will do a lottery to determine who gets it.

The draw is carried out periodically until all members get their share. Arisan has become commonplace in the community because there are many members. You can choose the social gathering according to your ability and the length of the payment period.

Usually there are weekly and monthly social gatherings, choose the social gathering with the time you can afford it. Not just collecting money, social gathering is usually also interspersed with other activities in an atmosphere of togetherness.

Some of these saving tips for housewives might be your recommendation. Choose the most appropriate and convenient way of saving for you.

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