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5 Saving Tips for School Students

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How to give saving tips for school students that are good and right? In order not to be confused and uncertain, read the following article to find out the answer.

It is very important to practice saving habits from an early age for young people. In addition to making you more independent, saving is also one way to overcome financial problems. When you have no money at all, you can rely on your savings.

By saving early, you have a clear plan for the future. You can save for various important needs ranging from buying the things you want, building a business in the future, to preparing for college education.

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Saving Tips for School Students You Can Try

1. Know Where Your Wants and Needs Are

The first saving tip for school children is to understand which are the wants and which are the needs. Know that needs are far more important than wants. For example, it’s better to buy food than rent a playstation. In this case, eating is a necessity and playing games is just a desire.

2. Set Savings Goals

As a school kid, you may find it difficult to save because you don’t have a good reason why you should save. To keep you motivated to save, determine what your goal is to save. After knowing what the goal of saving is, start saving even if only a little at a time.

For example, you need Rp. 3,000,000 to buy a new laptop. Instead of asking your parents, you can buy it yourself with your savings. Know how long it will take you to reach that goal, based on your level of savings.

3. Provide a Savings Place

There are two ways to save, namely at home and at the bank. Determine the most suitable place to save for you. You can buy a piggy bank to save or go to the bank to open a savings account. Of course, these two methods of saving have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

So, make sure you choose a place to save that is most comfortable for you to use. That way, you can see how your savings will grow and how much progress you are making towards achieving your goals.

4. Set aside from pocket money

Tips for savingsa for the next school child is to set aside pocket money. After getting pocket money from your parents, set aside your money to save enough.

If every time you go to school you get an allowance of IDR 30,000 a day. Separate the money for your daily needs and your savings. If you are enough with IDR 25,000 a day, immediately save the rest. Even though it’s a little as long as it’s done regularly, your savings will definitely increase.

5. Saving a dime

Save with a dime, why not? If you get a dime from shopping change, you can use it to save. If necessary, you can stash your change in a special piggy bank. Every time you have change, you can save it.

The saving tips for school students above may be your recommendation for saving. Given the importance of saving, of course there is no reason to delay saving.

Thus information about saving tips for school students that we can share. Hopefully all the information in this article can add to your knowledge and understanding in the world of finance. See you in another article, OK? Thank you.