Getting married is every couple’s dream. Besides having to get the blessing of your parents, you also have to prepare quite a lot of material. Especially if you already have a wedding concept with a fairly large budget, then it’s good if you start saving from now on. Let’s take a look at 10 saving tips to prepare for marriage below.
Saving Tips To Prepare For Marriage

1. Have Commitment

Just like in a relationship, saving also requires commitment. Maybe there are some things you have to sacrifice. Starting from eliminating the habit of eating at restaurants, to holidays abroad. If you stick to your commitment, saving will be more fun.

2. Detailing the Marriage Budget

Now, start compiling your needs along with the details of the expenses you need. Try to make details of the wedding needs in great detail. Don’t just focus on the building rental budget, dresses and catering, also make sure the invitation print budget, postage and security guard are recorded properly. From the total budget, you can find out how much the target savings you need.

3. Prepare a special account

Choose an account that suits your wedding needs. Don’t confuse a salary account with a wedding fund because it will get mixed up and make you use the money unconsciously.

4. Allocate a portion of the income

Set aside 20% or 30% of your salary to be put into marriage savings. Keep in mind, that setting aside is different from leaving, as soon as possible set aside some money before you use your salary.

5. Bring Lunch and Drink

Well, tips on saving for the next marriage preparation is to bring lunch and drink. By bringing provisions, you will refrain from snacks and waste money. So that you can save more.

6. Calculate your transportation budget

You can find boarding houses that are close to the office, if you have to take an online motorcycle taxi, avoid going home during high demand times because the rates will soar.

7. Apply a Thrifty Dating Style

It is better if you start getting used to adopting a frugal dating style. Instead of watching movies in theaters every week, you can watch while relaxing at home.

8. Record Expenditures and Income

Even though you are already thrifty in various sectors, you must record the cash flow that occurs every month. Keep a good record of every expense and income, no matter how small and big they are.

9. Saving with investment

Apart from saving in the form of savings, you can also start investing in long-term deposits, mutual fund investments or gold investments. Oh yes, apart from being an investment, one day this gold can be used as a wedding dowry.

10. Installments Based on Need

So that you know the progress of your saving activities, you can pay in installments based on expenses for marriage. Where each post has its own information and budget, so you can easily monitor which needs are not fulfilled. Besides being easy to monitor, you can also prioritize which posts should be completed first.
That’s the tips for saving for marriage preparation that you can apply. Don’t forget to pray, so that the saving process will run smoothly, OK!

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