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Section of Debit Card Front and Back

Credit cards and debit cards are a lifestyle that can no longer be separated. Because we can make payments easily using only a debit card without providing the cash.

As debit card users, of course, we must know debit card front and back that are on our cards. Because on the front and back there are numbers that indicate the identity of our card.

Debit cards can be used for various transactions with just one tap. So you don’t need to prepare cash when shopping at the supermarket.

Some debit cards are associated with Mastercard or Visa. So you will see this logo on the front page of your debit card.

Debit Card Front and Back Section

One of the pieces of information that can distinguish our debit card from others is the presence of the card number. So you have to understand what the front of the debit card is and the back of it to identify our debit card.

  • Debit Card Number

The debit card number is usually found on the front of the debit card. Here you will see 16 digits indicating your debit card number.

This number is different on each card so it can be used to identify your debit card. The 16 digit number has meaning.

The first six digits are the issuer’s identification number or the bank’s identification number. Then the next digit is your account details and the bank that issued the card.

  • ATM number

Debit card front and back also have an ATM number. You can usually use this number to identify your account number.

In addition, there is a signature from the bank that issued your debit card which is on the back of the card. You can read all bank identities and conditions on the back of the debit card.

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