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Profitable Types of Short and Long Term Investments

Investment is one of the activities and activities related to finance and economics which are generally carried out to benefit from financial activities carried out in the future. Currently, there are many types and forms of investment.

You can choose according to your needs and according to your own budget. However, because running this investment has its own advantages and risks, so when choosing an investment you must be really careful in choosing it.

Here are some types of profitable short and long term investments.

Short Term Investments

Bank Savings

An example of the first profitable short-term investment that you can run is to use a bank savings product. This investment is indeed one of the easiest and fastest ways to invest money. Anyone can make this type of investment from children, adolescents to adults.

The advantage of this investment is that you can withdraw money anytime and anywhere with an ATM machine. But it must be remembered that in this investment the percentage of interest generated is very small.

Another advantage of saving at the bank as a form of investment is that you are not required or required to deposit a fixed amount of funds at any time. So after creating a passbook, you are free to fill in the account balance whenever you want.


If you want a higher percentage of interest and yields, you can try investing with a deposit product. However, there is a shortage of this deposit investment, so you are not free to take the money invested because this investment has a predetermined period of time for a refund and the result.

To open this investment the procedure is not much different from opening a savings account in a bank. However, the initial deposit required is quite large, namely IDR 5,000,000. After the initial investment is issued for the next deposit you can adjust it to your financial capacity.

Generally, this type of investment is carried out by many business or medium-sized businesses. Because the correct rotation period can be adjusted to the basic needs of their business each year. They also have their own prospects for choosing the type of deposit investment.


Stocks are a fairly popular type of short-term investment. Shares are proof of someone’s participation or ownership in a company or limited liability company. If you own shares, then you can be called the owner or owner of the company, depending on how big the share of ownership is.

The form of shares itself is in the form of a sheet of paper issued by the company and states that the owner of the paper whose name is stated in the letter is the owner of the company according to what percentage or how much investment is invested in the company.

If the company is healthy, successful and has a low risk of bankruptcy / loss, the shares purchased will have a high selling value, because they can generate large profits.

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Long Term Investment


The first example of long-term investing itself is investing in gold. As one of the beautiful precious metals and is loved by many people, gold is a very profitable investment.

Because gold has a value or price that always goes up every year. Apart from having a high selling value, gold is also very safe in various circumstances as well as being stable and anti-inflationary. Because the value of gold often increases rather than decreases, if you invest in gold for 5 years, you can get multiple profits.

Land and Buildings

Apart from gold, goods or products that have a high and profitable investment value are land and buildings. Land and buildings are a type of long-term investment that is very profitable with a low level of risk, because land and buildings are types of property that have a higher asset value each year.

So if you have this investment, you will be able to get great and promising opportunities. However, this investment requires a large amount of funds, considering that the price of a house has now reached hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah.

Even so, try to take advantage of property purchase credit products such as public housing loans that can help you own the property you want.


If you want to minimize the risk of losing an object or damage to an object, then insurance can be your first choice.

Apart from getting protection or protection, with insurance you will also get a profitable investment. Insurance that is often used as a profitable investment by many people is endowment insurance and unit link insurance.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are securities as evidence of claims or assets. Mutual funds can be your profitable investment because they have advantages. The advantage of mutual funds lies in the many choices that investors can make to invest their money, namely stocks, bonds, or the money market.

As an investor, you just have to choose the investment instrument that best suits the risk that you are able to bear.

Some types of long-term and short-term investments above you can make an option to invest. Think carefully before deciding what investment to choose. Adjust to your needs and financial condition. So what are you waiting for? Invest from now!

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