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How to Saving Money at Home Safely and Easily

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There are certain reasons why people prefer to saving money at home over the bank. In addition to avoiding administrative costs, some people save at home because it is easier. Yes, they can freely withdraw their money at any time without having to go to an ATM or bank to withdraw money.

Even so, saving money at home has a low level of security. The risk of loss is much greater whether it is stolen or something else. Therefore, it is important to know how to save at home safely.

In addition, saving money at home also has security consequences that are not necessarily guaranteed either from people or termites. Several cases appeared on television that there were people who kept their money under the pillow, the money was actually eaten by termites.

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How to Saving Money at Home Safely?

1. Commitment to Saving

Saving is the most basic component of wealth management. Wealth is what you save, not what you spend. Know the importance of saving to help you both in an emergency and to prepare for the future.

Stop wasting your money on waste. It’s time for you to commit to saving. The trick is to reduce expenses and focus on saving.

2. Keep it in a Hidden Place

The safest way to save at home is to keep your savings in a hidden place. Keep your savings in a place that no one else knows, so you feel safer keeping them there.

Make sure only you know where you keep your savings. That way, the risk of losing is getting smaller. You can save safely and comfortably without worrying that your savings will be stolen.

3.Tube in a Safe Container

The risk of saving at home is not only lost savings because it is stolen but can also be lost due to other things. Some time ago, there were residents who shared their stories on social media. In the video circulating, it appears that the Rp 50 thousand and Rp 100 thousand notes were damaged due to being eaten by termites.

Learning from his story, you must find a safe place to save money if you really want to save at home. For example, you can save in a safe or metal box, which is safer than wood. In addition, to open the safe, a certain password is also required.

By keeping money in a safe, you are not the only one who can steal your money because only you know how to open it. You can put the safe in a specific room or not a common room. Maybe you can keep it in a closet or master bedroom.

4. Move to Bank

If you feel that you have enough money saved at home, you should transfer it to the bank. Transferring your money to the bank will certainly be much safer than keeping it at home. In addition, you can also choose savings products according to your wishes.

How to save at home is different for each person. Even so, the most important thing is to prioritize saving and maintaining the safety of savings. And some of the tips above might be able to help you a little.

Thank you for reading the article above. We hope that you can apply these tips well. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and relatives. See you in another article.