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Tips Safe Shopping with Debit Card

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In this increasingly sophisticated era, it is important for you to know tips safe shopping with a debit card. The rise of cyber crime makes us all have to always be aware of any cyber crimes, including when shopping online.

When shopping online, payment by debit card is the preferred option. Yes, because you can’t use cash when shopping online except with the COD system. However, for now there are still many online shops that do not provide an alternative to pay on the spot.

Therefore, a debit card is the only way to make payments for your transactions. Using a debit card to shop online has the potential to have your account stolen. Want to keep your card and data as safe as possible when shopping online? Here are tips for safe shopping with a debit card:

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Don’t Store Your Card Information on the Website

Make sure you don’t store important information about your card on the website. Because hackers can get hold of your information and use it without your permission. When your computer asks if it should “remember” your site password automatically, you can answer “no” by unchecking the box to do this.

Similarly, when you make a purchase on an online shopping website. The site itself will likely ask whether to remember your card information for future purchases. Of course, you must answer “no” to protect the security of your debit card.

Be careful with the URL of the Online Store Website

Spammers know what they are doing. An online store website can look so realistic that it promises the safety and security of online shopping. When you want to visit the website to make a purchase, it’s a good idea to go through the link and type the website address yourself carefully and be careful.

Try to check the website URL of the online store before clicking on it. One wrong letter when it can lead you to a completely different type of website.

Don’t Give Card Information to Anyone

The next safe tips safe shopping with a debit card is not to give your card information to anyone. When you buy something online, you will generally be asked for the information you need. Everything from the complete address, telephone number that can be contacted, and others.

However, be careful if you are asked to provide your card information. If you get an email claiming that there is a problem with your order and asking you to email your card number, make sure you don’t provide your card number information in the email.

Choose a Safe Online Store Website

Choose a secure online store website, one of the signs starts with HTTPS. HTTPS adds security and trust. This protects users from man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks that can be launched from an insecure network. Hackers can use these techniques to steal your sensitive information.

Depending on your browser and technical comfort level, you can also use free software such as “No Script” (designed to block malicious scripts), and “HTTPS Everywhere” (which facilitates encryption between your computer and the websites you shop on).

After knowing the tips safe shopping with a debit card, of course you have to be more careful. No matter who you are, carelessness can cause you to become a victim of cyber crime. It is important to always maintain the security of your financial transactions, whether with a debit card or credit card.