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Types of Investment for Students to Try

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Many types of investment that can be tried, including investment for students. Learning to invest early is one way to improve the economy in the future. Little by little the investment made at a young age can continue to grow over time.

Even though you are still a student, you can still invest according to your ability. Currently, there are many investments with small capital that can be done by anyone. You can take advantage of these opportunities to practice investing until you make money.

What kind of investment for students do you think has the best prospects? The following are some types of investments that are suitable for students:

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1. Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual funds are one type of investment for students who are booming. You don’t have to use a lot of capital to invest in mutual funds. The reason is, there are many online mutual fund investment applications that offer easy investment with small capital.

Only by setting aside IDR 10,000 every month, a student can invest. Even so, make sure to choose a trusted online investment application and supervised by the OJK. If necessary, look at the reviews or testimonials of people who have invested in the mutual fund application.

2. Stock Investment

Stock investment is the right choice for students and students who want to study investment. Although the risk is high, but stock investment offers lucrative profits. It doesn’t have to be with big capital, investing money in the stock market can also be done with small capital even starting from hundreds of thousands.

If you’re interested in investing in stocks, it’s a good idea to learn more about stocks. There are many things about stocks that need to be known, especially for novice investors. Do not rush to spend money on investment, before you really understand how to invest profitably.

3. Invest Gold

Gold investment is perfect for students. This is because gold investment is easy to do and does not have to use large capital. You can buy gold that costs hundreds of thousands. Then save the gold and sell it when the gold price is rising to make a profit.

One of the advantages of investing in gold is that its price tends to rise every year. Therefore, investing your money in gold is very promising. Moreover, the purchase price and the selling price have a large enough difference.

Keep in mind, you can invest in gold yourself, but it’s different from investing in mutual funds and stocks. Usually the mandatory requirement to open a stock account and register for mutual funds is an ID card. For students who want to invest in both types of investment, make sure you are 17 years old and above or already have an ID card.

Some types of investments for students are for informational purposes only. The decision to invest remains in your hands. Make sure you choose the right investment for you, so you can determine what strategy can be applied.