Reward Credit Cards

What is Reward Credit Cards?

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Reward credit cards can come in many different forms. Some of these cards offer travel reward points such as air miles which can be used as a discount on flights that you are planning to buy, others offer valuable reward points that can be used at your favorite store. Then you have gasoline cards that save you extra cash when you fill up and pay using the credit card.

However, what we have found through our site is that the most popular type of reward credit card is the cash back credit card , the card that gives you back hard cash! It makes sense though, with this you are not tied into using the rewards with a certain airline, have to spend in a certain store or use by a certain date. Cash is king , at least that is what the visitors to Credit Cards Info have told us through credit card applications that have been made.

Below are listed a number of reward credit cards that will earn you either reward points or cash depending on how much you spend using the credit card. There may also be other factors that could be a bonus such as introductory offers of 0% balance transfers or 0% purchase rates.

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Be wary of reward credit cards repair scams

Prior to responding to any credit repair offers, it is advisable to look out for signs of scam:

• Be wary of companies that require a hefty up front fees before they even provide any service. Such companies usually take your money and run.

• Under the FCRA you are entitled to dispute any error, negative or obsolete information on your credit report with the credit bureau as well as the source of information. The companies that do not inform you about your legal rights and the fact that you can fix these errors on your own for free are usually scams.

• Do not sign any agreement with companies that advise you not to contact a credit reporting company directly.

• There are some firms that suggest the customers to apply for a new taxpayer identification number or Employer Identification Number (also called an EIN) for the purpose of building a new credit identity. It’s a felony and if you follow their advice and commit any illegal action then you may be subject to prosecution. You have to remember that it’s a federal crime to provide false information while applying for a loan and credit application; to misrepresent your SSN or to get hold of an Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under fake pretenses.