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louis vuitton credit card holder

Why Should I Have a Louis Vuitton Credit Card Holder

Cardholder becomes a more practical carry-on and can be taken wherever you go. If you prefer not to carry a lot of cash, then a cardholder is something you should buy.

Louis Vuitton credit card holder can be the right choice for storing your credit cards. This cardholder is a slim card wallet type because it only has three card storage pockets.

For those of you who want a luxury and simple card wallet, then you can buy this cardholder. Here are the specifications of the Louis Vuitton cardholder:

  • Three card slots are available. Two are on either side and one large pocket in the middle.
  • Able to put 3 cards and some cash.
  • Made of monogram-coated canvas. So the result looks more glossy and luxurious.
  • Made from a layer of grained cowhide.
  • Water and tear-resistant

Why Should I Have This?

A cardholder is an object that must be in the bag. Especially if you are one of the people who often make payments using credit cards. Then why should I have a Louis Vuitton credit card holder?

  1. Simple

Cardholders are simple and practical objects. You only need to bring a credit card to travel. Made of soft material, this cardholder will protect your cards from friction.

  1. Luxury

This cardholder with a luxurious appearance can make your appearance more elegant. Crafted from monogrammed canvas, this little thing can add a touch of luxury.

  1. Durable

The Louis Vuitton credit card holder is one of the most durable card wallets around. You can use it for years because it is made from international quality materials.

Those are some reasons why you should buy a cardholder. More practical and efficient, especially for making payments. However, you can still enter several pieces of cash in it as cash payments in some places.

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